When: July 8-13

Their cost: $295 per person

What we would do: Passport Missions 2 delivers some of the same elements of the regular Passport Missions camp but with a smaller total number of youth and double the amount of time each day for missions, giving us the same amount as with Group and Youth on Mission.  As with the other possibilities, PM2 will feature a variety of mission projects from hard, manual labor to serving children or the elderly.  In this case, you get to state your preferences for mission projects and youth will be divided up according to their interests.

Like Week of Hope, we would bring sleeping bags and stay at a church – in this case, Calvary Baptist Church in DC.  Again, we would also be assigned to different kitchen crews and will fix meals for each other.

Typical day:

7:30 – Breakfast
8:30 – Morning devotion
8:45 – Celebration
9:00 – Bible study
10:00 – Missions
4:00 – Free time
6:00 – Supper
7:00 – Worship
8:00 – Party
9:00 – Church group devotions

 Passport Missions 2